Version Information

Changeset 1070

July 20, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • OnLoad detect old Database and Upgrade to new schema of Institution
  • SettingsContoller: Check if an Institution xml already exists in institutions collection. Produce error if true.

Changeset 1068

July 18, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Bug Fix: Insert Creator as Speaker in Create New Resource

Changeset 1067

July 14, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Re-Programme e-Class API to ignore Referrer host.

Changeset 1066

July 11, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Resource Editor now returns only Active Events in dropdown lists for new resource or scheduled item ( plus active event if editing resource/scheduled Item)
  • Added field 'Active' in Event object
  • setPresentationButton: Show PresentationButton if slides have been uploaded, even if Presentation Broadcast is not selected
  • Bug Fix: Dummy erase of set fields was leaving periodId, typedId in calendar.form undefined/disabled
  • Bug Fix: ACtion bar in slides in Presentation Tab loose position on small windows
  • Update Index Files
  • Update SettingsController to include index files for Events

Changeset 1053

July 03, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Remove Text Fields from Videolectures-Events-Users-Presentations
  • Updates with minor fixes. Wowza Library
  • Create a different log file ("schedulerLogger") for Live events log
  • Made VideoLectures updates on Event change faster and more efficient. Dialog "please wait" added
  • Bug Fix: in DlmPresentationDAOImpl - Catch npe which prevented aspect,duration, realduration from read from VOD Entry
  • Επαναδημιουργία σελίδας διαβάσματος αρχείων καταγραφής με επιλογή για default και scheduler log file
  • Fix Logback configuration and RollingPolicy
  • Bug Fix: irmQueries -> update uId to new schema in Course & StaffMember
  • Remove Live+Presentation entry when stopping an illegal stream...

Changeset 982 (981-982)

May 18, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Bug Videolecture.rights on recorded items
  • SchedulerDAOIMPL: Clearer logging. Messages
  • liveresources: Broadcast icon Change

Changeset 980 (979-980)

May 16, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Clearer Error Messages
  • WowzaServer.class: Catch exception when app does not exists.
  • wowza.sample added
  • delos.sample updates

Changeset 974

May 4, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Scheduler: Backup Videos in scheduler/archive folder

Changeset 959

April 10, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • LMS Provider: Own AccessDenied Page

Changeset 942 (938-942)

February 24, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Moved cache option (terracotta, default) to
  • Added some Aspects (Logging)
  • Use DataServices in ServicesImpls
  • Implement Restart Recording of stream if failed
  • Re-organize some classes in packages/li>
  • Implement Check if stream is alive and if stream is recorded in live search page
  • Add Property to enable/disable Scheduler:
  • Move Scheduler Cron String to Properties:
  • Add Wowza Segmentation duration to Properties:

Changeset 936 (931-936)

February 24, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Re-Design IrmRepository
  • Use DataServices
  • Moved All Queries to IrmQueries Class
  • Implemented CheckLiveStatus funcationality
  • Few code improvements

Changeset 925 (921-925)

February 9, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Move WowzaProperties (user,password,port) to Institution Settings
  • Fix Start/Stop streams to load WowzaProperties
  • InitService (Scheduler) startup fix
  • Create 'today' collection ifNotExist
  • Some Cleanup

Changeset 920

February 6, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Introducing DataServices, MarshallerServices
  • Minor alertify bug in saMessages
  • Some Cleanup

Changeset 918 (914-918)

February 2, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Added USE_QUARTZ in
  • Quartz Scheduler: Set Stop Stream 10 seconds earlier to accommodate same stream start at same time
  • Bug Fix: Add Speaker or create live entry function
  • Quartz Scheduler: Added a delay before checking if stream has started
  • Some Cleanup

Changeset 912 (911-912)

January 31, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Place Wowza Properties in file
  • Quartz Scheduler Update [ disabled by default ]
  • Added LogViewer Functionality / Page
  • li>
  • Some Cleanup

Changeset 904 (895-904) - wowzaChange

January 26, 2017

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Bug Fix: Real Editing - Real Editing Approve replacement error
  • Bug Fix: Resource Editor - Video Replace: Ignore 500 milliseconds on Video Replace
  • Bug Fix: Resource Editor - Export Multimedia file (slides). ZipUtility error

Changeset 894 (893-894)

November 30, 2016

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Bug Fix: Resource Editor -Default Course on Edit
  • Bug Fix: EventManager - Event details not shown
  • Bug Fix: EventManager - Error when responsible unit had comma in it's name

Changeset 892 (890-892)

November 9, 2016

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Repository Implementation: lexical error fix
  • Created function to remove preloaded presentation & created videolecture on fillSchedule error
  • Bug στο fillScheduledResource. Ενημέρωση delos για τα ολοκληρωμένα αρχεία
  • Bug Fix: Numbering error for javascript messages in Resource Registration
  • Added messages for different options during real editing or real editing completion

Changeset 888 (882-888)

October 18, 2016

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Renamed navigation text in use Search Pages (EL and EN)
  • Fixed @CacheEvict declarations causing refresh problems in recinfo listings
  • Upgraded Red5Publisher.swf (webcam) to a new version
  • Presentation Tab: JPG uploads in ZIP file can now contain images in folders
  • Presentation Tab: Import/Export retains slide order
  • Presentation Tab: Fixed PDF rotation problem
  • Presentation Tab: export file: syncFile.xml now retains new line characters
  • Presentation Tab: Drag-n-Drop slides: feature upgraded
  • Event Manager: Events are shown sorted by date-modified in database
  • Event Manager: Removed 'OK' pop-ups
  • Event Manager: Fixed error when Department name contained comma in title
  • User Manager: Code Clean-Up
  • User Manager: Removed annoying messages and 'please wait..' dialogs

Changeset 881 ( 880 - 881)

October 11, 2016

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Enable local ECache by default
  • Add serializable interface to many objects to support cache

Changeset 879 (871 - 879)

October 7, 2016

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Bug Fix: Redirect error on Real Edit start (edited editor.min.js)
  • Upgraded Apache PdfBox (PDF to Images) to version 2.0.3
  • Bug Fix: Solved! Sorting problem on DEV on presentation upload
  • Change border and background color on slides (silver:not synchronized, green:synchronized)
  • Bug Fix: Live list error when Alternative Department Period was specified

Changeset 870 (858 - 870)

October 5, 2016

New Features

  • Content Editor
    • Added Ajax upload, posts
    • Presentation Tab: Upload JPEG images
    • Presentation Tab: Add new slides to existing presentation
    • Presentation Tab: Import Slide Recorder file
    • Presentation Tab: Export Presentation to Slide Recorder format file
    • Presentation Tab: Reorganize slide position (drag & drop functionality)
    • Presentation Tab: Replace slide
    • Presentation Tab: Edit slide title in place
    • Presentation Tab: Slide View re-design and implement
    • Presentation Tab: Display slide synchronization time
    • Multimedia Tab: Replace Video/Audio file
  • Search Module
    • "Scheduled streams"" renamed to "Scheduled". Only Lectures/Events with nobroadcast & norecording not shown
    • When Search by Department, Events with no ResponsiblePerson are searched in Organization Unit field

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Profile Controller: Bug Fix - User db file for new CAS user was not created
  • OAI-PMH Service: Bug Fix - Time-out 504 Error in OAI-PMH Service when large amount of data was requested (e.g. ListRecords)
  • Message Boxes: Replaced alertify library with alertifyjs library
  • Resource Controller: support for cas insensitive extension for jpg images (JPG, jpg)
  • Bugs fixed: During PDF upload and SlideRecorder upload>

Changeset 856

September 15, 2016

New Features

  • Added Token Authentication for ThirdParty LMS systems access (public access, private access, player)
  • Added support for Terracotta server (cache distribution manager)
  • User Manager
    • Administrator can create temporary password on behalf of a user

Bug Fixes - Improvements

  • Bug Fix in real editing approval/rejection tab
  • Added Link to espa.png on footer